how to sex a hip-hop goddess

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First, her body is an altar. Kisses are black candles. So light her up like a night vigil. Then, light the incense. Cleanse her energy auras until her body turns into crystal stones. Now her body i…

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I’ll be damned,
If I lie.

That you lie not,
In the greens,
Of my dreams.

In my state of silence,
You slither and writh,
To rose my pricking stress.
Sweet fangs.

Forked tongue,
Sipping up my senses,
Numbing my conscience,
Coiling up the rattles.

A flower-
Priding in the desert,
The bloom,
Of beauty under the sun.

I pray you understand,
These words,
These lines,
Off of tune.

© Mukidi.2016

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ITAKUWA SOUR: On the Fence

My seed will wake up in her, the day that follows the following day. Her gut will dawn with a rude awakening. She will empty the remains of what was a finger-licking event hours ago. She will feel weak, her heartbeat will race wildly. Her thoughts will seem dark and foggy, but the blissful rendezvous we had will stick out like a sore thumb. Clearly. But she will shake her head, ‘We embraced the umbrella even before it started raining,’ she will think.

She will cringe and squeeze her tummy when a wave of nausea hits her. She will lift her face off the bowl and wipe the white stuff at the edge of her mouth with the sleeve of her nightdress. After washing her mouth, she will steady herself with the wall as she heads back towards him, at the bed. The annoying bout of throw-ups will cease and regain her composure.

Her hormones will peak faster than before when she gets under the duvet and her legs come into contact with his warm calf. He will pull his leg away and repeat his daily mantra, ‘I am tired.’ Her eyes will water with both pain and joy. With pain because he changed ever since they got married. With joy because she knows she has a reliable sidedish. Me. Her backup plan. But plans will change. Change is always inevitable. I will be here sitting on the fence musing with the two options I will have. Either I to flee, or the seed to be buried.

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THIS IS THE DAY | For Graciano Enwerem

While poets all over the world are celebrating World Poetry Day on this day – 21st – of this month, they shall also be enjoying two sizzling poems by Graciano. This is because on this same day, “12 Million.Nonsense” and “What Nigerians Want”, all by Graciano Enwerem shall be released.

Graciano Enwerem {Grrraciano} is a Spoken Word poet, writer and teacher. A graduate of English And Literary Studies, Imo State University. He’s the winner of War Of Words 3, YouPoetry Slam, 9 times winner of Sea View’s Poetry Challenge, Winner Of War Of Words Online slam 1 and cofounder of Figures Of Speech {F.O.S.}, the first online creative group on whatsapp. He’s been proffered so many awards which include the SPIC Most Outstanding Achiever Of The Year, 2014, IFA’s Atonisona Of Poetry Award, 2015, Creative Writers’ Association of Nigeria’s Literary Critic of the Year and was also voted the number 1 poet 2016 at the EGC rankings.
“What Nigerians Want” by Graciano Enwerem is by all standards one of the most hilarious satyrical poems of all time. It elucidates almost all the very funny kind of prayers most Nigerians say. Nigeria, being a very religious country is captured in this poem as a country whose sense of humor is limitless as it extends on to the kind of prayers her citizens most likely say. This poem garnered a whupping 10-10-9.5 points in the first round at War Of Words 3, a poetry slam organized by i2x Media in Nigeria. Veekthur the LyricPoet, one of F.O
S.’s finest lyricists is featured in the audio content.
“12 Million Nonsense” by Graciano Enwerem is one of the most popular poems that made waves in 2014, especially in Nigeria. The poem bares not only the futilty of the National Conference in Nigeria in March, 2014 but also highlights the curruption fecundity embellished therein. The poem, “12 Million Nonsense” amassed a perfect score (10-10-10) in the final round at War Of Words 3, a poetry slam organized by i2x Media and till date has remained one of the fans’ favorite of all Graciano Enwerem’s poems. MTN subscribers can SMS 046502 to
4100 to get it as their ringback tunes.

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A passion rises from the ashes,
Warm ashes,
The soot,
Of unburnt embers.

She ignited a fire; cold upon the hairs of his hungry skin-
And he nodded, his eyes wandering.

Rubbed shoulders,
Intertwined fingers,
Comfy nooses,
Thorned petals.

The want for trust,
The need for thrust,
Twisted lust.

So they went; foot for foot, inch for inch,
Purrs and stiff moans and a tinge,
Of an aroma.

The space gasped for air and,
Hands latched on a simmering waist and,
Skillfully traced a straight zero and,
It stood, with might and power and,

And they rose up along the valley,
And dug upon her skin,
And hers on the nape,
And the eyelids fell,
And the tongue went out,
And the honeypot dripped,
And the lips drooled,
And they hung on each other,
And not ceasing but seizing and grabbing,
And drizzling and raining.

It itched for a touch,
They stood and pointed fingers,
He clasped and rubbed,
He sparked a wave,
She clawed,
Her hair jumped backwards,
His yearning. Still on the leash,
Her mouth was closed,
Calling for more.

The arms moulded and carved; carried and laid,
The tongue rolled through the valley of the shadow of death-
The lips cupped the rise and fall;
And the wind came.

The shaking,
The twisting,
The writhing,
The gyrating.

And he held her gaze-still thrilled,
He smiled,
For it was just the beginning.

© Mukidi. 2016

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DEAR BOYFRIEND | By Charlotte Akello

To have incentives,
Meant for the married,
Doesn’t make you my husband.

You see,
I may have a sleep over at your place,
Just to monitor if you snore,
Or if you are warm enough,
To keep me warm for the rest of my life.

We may have crazy nights,
And end up into each other,
That’s just to see how much of my depth,
That can be filled by you
And how long you will take,
To do for me a decent job.

Sometimes we may go shopping,
Or to the movies,
That’s to see how long your hand stays in the pocket,
And how you manage your finances,
For sometimes there are other priorities.

I may buy gifts for you,
To see how you respond to favors,
And to gauge if that iPhone,
May take over my place in the near future.

When we take walks together,
It is not that I want to show you off,
Infact it diminishes my “future”,
I just want the world to judge,
And maybe someone brave will say,
“I am far better for you”.

Those privileges,
Do not guarantee that you are my husband,
They are just to weigh,
If you are really fit for me.

So before you start acting a husband,
First prove that I am part of you,
That lost in rib,
Or else,
I am single until u marry me.

Charlotte Akello (

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A Duet by Joy Munde and Kevin Mwahugu
(in search of the lost poet’s glory, finding the poet in him, bringing the freshness of the pen.)

She stood smiling, all she did was inspiring.
She knew of hurts but she still cared.
She came, she lived, she dined.
All with a smile.

He looks at her,he gets a smile,
She speaks to him just to turn him on,
He thinks he makes no sense,
But she knows what he means.

She knows beyond my utterless stare, he cares.
Her beauty vast amasses his thoughts.
In fantasy he’ll soon be driven, chasing the shells of images of her curves.
She knows all she has thus in his glance she shows.

For him he knows she will do it all,
Coz of him she sure does it all,
To remind him of his past self,
Its her he needs,and she will be there,

He recalls how high memories were made, in the darkest of nights.
While others shook in fright they embraced.
They cannot be erased, yet just carresed through the tip of joy.
She smiled, she yearned he calls her dear finally after all along wishing more than willing that she was here.

Deep in the darkest of nights she yearned for his embrace,
The sun up high so were her hopes of hearing from him,
Each day out the window her eyes were just to catch a glimpse of him.

Surely dawn turned dusk, leaves decayed breezes to storms.
He wasn’t there, each dusk he scribbled her name.
Her unuttered pleas soon grew bold, to be heard distantly beyond, he came back he requested for an embrace.
Surely dawn had just befell her best being.

Her dawn sure did come,
From a distant the cold of each night gives way to her light,
Him who she yearns for finally made an entrance,
She whom he needs will always be around.

The cold would be no more, he would hold and strap her to him,
He would shelter her worries,
Share and crack stories, he said a last sorry to ask the embrace longer,

No words she could use to quantify her feelings then,
No words he could utter to fill the void he left,
All she needed was his presence by her side,
All that just to replace the absence he had given to her.

His words would be all her presence showed.
The gap left would be brimmed with little lively cheers.
Chubby smiles.
He would hold once more.
Show all he wished in fantasy.

Hold her not as before but more than before,
Be with her not coz she wants to but coz she needs you,
Do not give her a fantasy as you are the fantasy she yearns,
Come closer, just hold her like never before.

Her request hatched faster than before, he swore to hold longer and tighter.
He would stroke her mind with more yearns, with even greater desires.
The fantasy would be better retold in Fairly tales, her being under his arms.
He would just charm for she was closer than before.

With the touch of their hands the deal was sealed,
Pens in their hands ready to open a new page,
Let the words deep in the hearts freely flow,
All has been set, this surely will last,

With such a solid assurance, his eyes would lurk on enthusiasm.
An eager pen, anxious ears, she did was his dear.
He would touch with his words,
He will love the entangled embrace.
It surely would last, a vast heart she had.

A vast heart she hers,
Always ready to embrace all around,
When the sun sets her love will be seen,
When the ink dries all will read of their tales.

Her presence forever needed, she dawns so much warmth deep within him.
She secretly consoles all his worries.
The sun sets, a new light ready to light the dark alleys as they hold hand to hand.
To there they are headed.

Hand in hand to stay strong together,
Eyes set forward to visualize the untrodden path,
Minds all sharp and awake ready for the tasks ahead,
Step by step,day by day, till the end.

Day by day, when soothing rays descend down here.
He’s ready to make the smile vibrant.
He wants her to be all she wishes to be.
He’ll curve unseen curves, there’ll be no end for all the hurts they’ll mend.

Hearts full of hurts is what they each carry,
Moments of silence makes it their fortitude,
The silence between them speaks a lot to their souls,
As he curves the unseen,she will paint ’em all to bring light to all.

He’s ready to paint.
Vividly staring at her.
To seal the fate of luck,
He will care carry her in all she wishes to know.
He’ll confess she’s his ardent insatiable desire.
Burning with a great fire.
She’s his when they all embrace.

His insatiable desire she will always be,
Her never to be fullfiled wish he will always be,
Together for each other though apart they will always be,
Time comes but still they will always be near though far.

Far yet so near, their ears will always hear.
An irreplaceable yearn, a sweetened wish.
She’ll be there for him, she’ll take away the worries.
He won’t shake nor twist for she is the one for him, now till later.

With her he will always be secure,
With him she knows all will flow at ease,
Another chance to make it all worth it all,
Lets sail together…lets sail with the tide.

Secure with that pure smile sure.
He lifts his hands up to be Happy,
To suck the sulp of happiness.
Let’s sail with all we hold, lets enliven the moment.

In this time and tide that stares us in the face,
With great force and renewed energy,
The road ahead is ours to walk on,
Come dear, shall we?

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(On women’s day ,four lines!)

Somewhere still –

She gets killed in the womb,
And beaten black and blue,
She still hums in the kitchen,
And fights the kids flue !!

Copyright Lily Swarn 8.3.2016

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LETTER TO MAMA | By Wolf Justin

I just wanted to let you know that I came today,
Again, I visited your grave amid the cloud it carries,
I was expecting a surprise, I guess a big one,
To find you sitted on your mound, smiling at your son.

So mama I brought you yellow roses, your favourite,
And my wet paper of visions I sketch when I think of you,
Would you believe I still cry, I never grew up mama!
But why would I grow yet am just but your only son?
Mama, do you ever miss me like I always do?
Do you dream of me even while down deep there?
Or cry at nights thinking of your only son,
Tell me mama – do you even eat your best meal?

You must be starving, oh mama why did we put you there?
I think I will bring you a plate of rice on my next visit,
And a bottle of camel milk, you said it made you younger,
So wait for me, I`ll be coming again next week mama!

©Wolf Justin

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ITS MY LIFE | By Joy Munde

Today was once a tomorrow,
And will soon be a yesterday,
And there are no days,only moments,
But still I will be myself,
I will give us joy and give us pain,
I may hurt your soul while loving your soul,
And still weep and laugh,
But in all I will live my humanness,
I will live it all now,
It is my life.

All that was and all that is,
And all that will be and never be,
I will still remain the me I am,
At this point I give a shout to all,
That a fresh breeze whooshes past,
A new surge of energy flow deep in my veins,
I’m all up for self-love,
Laugh more, laugh less,
Hurt more, be hurt more,
Love less, loved more,
But live more…
I will live more…
As you only live once…
I only live once.


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